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The Role of Child Psychologist

  • As your child develops, he goes through progressive stages of development, from birth to adulthood.
  • Social and cultural factors can affect a child's development and how quickly they adopt all these changes it matters.
  • It is difficult for children to explain what they are going through and in this situation the role of a child psychologist increase which can help you provide very important and valuable information about your children.
  • Dr Kashika Jain is Best Child Psychologist Near me.

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Best Child Psychologist Near Me

What is Child Psychology?

  • Child psychology is the study of child development at early stage.
  • Child psychologists analyse how a child behave with the parents and with the world, to understand his mental development.
  • Each parent wants that their child remain mentally healthy, but it is not always clear whether a child's behavior is a symptom of a normal developmental stage or a sign of an abnormality.
  • Understanding a child's psychological patterns can help parents understand how to better communicate and connect with the child and help him progress and thrive in each new stage of life. developing.
  • Child psychologists can also identify abnormal behaviors at early stage, help pinpoint the roots of common behavior problems, such as learning problems, hyperactivity, anxiety and help children overcome early childhood stage.
  • They can also help prevent, evaluate, and diagnose developmental delays or abnormalities such as autism.

Cognitive development

  • Medical understanding of children's cognitive development has changed greatly in recent years.
  • We now know that even newborn babies are aware of and interested in their environment, even before they have the language to express it.
  • Cognitive development refers to a child's intellectual learning and thought processes.
  • It includes analyse the people around them, language learning, memory, problem solving, how the child uses his imagination.
  • All of these factors are influenced by the child's genetics and environment.

Emotional (social) development

  • Emotional and social development are deeply intertwined. Emotional development refers to how the child feels, understands and expresses her emotions.
  • Emotional development and expression of basic emotions such as fear, joy, anger, and sadness are seen in children.
  • As the child grow, more complex emotions such as trust, hope, guilt, and pride emerge.
  • Emotional development also includes the child's ability to feel and understand other people's emotions through empathy.
  • Understand child emotions at an early stage can have a powerful impact on current and future emotional development of child.
  • A child psychologist can help your child understand and express her emotions in a healthy and positive way.

WHY DR KASHIKA JAIN as Best "Child Psychologist Near Me"?

  • DR KASHIKA JAIN is a Child Psychologist, Therapist, Counselor and LIFE COACH. Her clinic is situated in Mangal Panday Nagar, Near CCS University, Meerut.
  • She is Hardworking and Goal - Oriented woman with lots of Knowledge and Experience in her work.
  • She provides treatment for various psychological problems of children including Depression, Anxiety, Child counseling, Study Issues, Concentration Problems, Abusing, Parent Child Bonding etc.
  • Now-a-days we can see that it's hard to have any treatment without medicine but this is one of the speciality of DR KASHIKA JAIN that she can make you completely cured even without medicine.
  • She always let her patients talk and listen to them carefully. She can solve your any problem in easiest and simplest way.
  • For any child related issue call +91-7017088338 and Book Appointment or visit

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